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Welcome to Innerfaith Life, an exploration of spiritual companionship, chaplaincy, and humans being.


I welcome enquiries and coffees with all who are curious about how we keep walking with the queer, hearts high and minds full.



A Sacred Pause

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash Been a minute. I've been busy, honest. Not that you doubted this, but probably I was. Let's check it-…
25 March 2023

An End and A Beginning

A quick update on what's been happening in the last few months, what's next and the latest writing.
11 June 2021
Food for thought

A little light lie

On how a lie about summer time kick-started a journey of unlearning, and why it's an important tool on everyone's journey.
7 January 2021
Food for thought

True In Deed

We are now living in post-truth times. So where do you get yours?
18 November 2020
Spiritual Companionship

Companionship Bookings

You can book companionship time with me directly by using the contact form. The setting will be either in person in Melbourne or online through…
27 July 2020
Spiritual Companionship

The art and the heart

There is an art to working with vulnerability, from both the giver and the receiver. And like any art, it takes practice and guidance.
20 July 2020