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I was ordained as an Interspiritual Minister in 2013 by One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in New York, NY. I retain an active ministry with One Spirit that requires ongoing professional development, demonstration of community service and support of One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Prior to moving to Australia, I lived in Brooklyn, NY and graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies from SUNY Purchase. My favorite hoodie from there simply read “Purchase College” and if you didn’t know, it was quite comical. I graduated with an MA in Sustainable Business and Communities from Goddard College in Plainfield, VT. I often have nostalgia for VT, the only other place in the US where I could have imagined a life.

I was active in fundraising and community services for ten years.  I am now building a new  career based on service and authenticity. I have finished my first unit of Clinical Pastoral Education– a program that focuses on formation and education for spiritual carers in healthcare and other settings. I have been working as a chaplain/spiritual carer for two years. I am a certified practitioner with Spiritual Care Australia.  

In New York I was a practicing Sufi – a dervish in the Nur Ashki Jerrahi community. During my time at seminary, I felt called to the practice of Ifa, an indigenous tradition from Nigeria with branches all over the world, especially in enslaved spaces. While I was busy with raising a family, many of my practices had fallen off but with space, they are returning.

I remain committed to the balance and compassion that I learned as an Interspiritual Minister. My companionship praxis is heart-centered and non-dual. I know that we have our differences, and that is the beauty that shines through what is otherwise an infinity of creativity that is the foundation of our material world.

I hope we can discover more together.